Type: Nonfiction
Approximate Age Range: (YA) 12-20 years
Series: “Women of Power”
Publisher: Chicago Review Press

Food Stars

15 Women Stirring Up the Food Industry

Food Stars – 15 Women Stirring Up the Food Industry is part of the new Women of Power series published by Chicago Review Press. This modern-day biography series profiles 15 diverse women who are changing the world in their fields while empowering others to follow their dreams. 

Food Stars features farmers, chefs, food activists, food storytellers, and food scientists who have developed fascinating careers—from operating a 20-acre farm, to fighting for food justice, to finding creative ways for astronauts to eat in space. These amazing women are hardworking, dedicated, creative, and caring individuals who use their heads, hearts, and hands to shed light on the ever-changing food industry with all its sweet and savory sides. 

Women help build important cultural food traditions that are passed down for generations. And if there’s not enough accessible and nutritious food for all? It’s often women who speak up for change and initiate the problem-solving process. 

“Food Stars is a joy to read. The stories of these women who excelled in very differing parts of the food world are inspiring, heartwarming and passionate. From farming to cooking to activism to science and media, these women show us how they overcame obstacles to become leaders in their fields and hopefully motivate the next generation of food professionals.” —Chef Ann Cooper: Founder and President of the Board of the Chef Ann Foundation

“Food is so much more than just cooking. Ellen Mahoney’s new eye-opening book reveals the array of award-winning roles young women are playing in feeding the world, growing safe crops, fighting for sustainability and using science to make things tastier. The broader food world desperately needs more women like those profiled and this book gives readers stories to inspire them and practical links to help them learn about possible careers.”John Lehndorff, veteran food journalist, dining critic and radio host

Food Stars highlights the important roles of women chefs. It has been an absolute honor working with women in the kitchen and in the education sector. They are often the best teammates you could ask for—from preparation to dedication to the craft to making everyone accountable. Women in the kitchen raise the entire team’s performance.” —Bob Scherner, Executive Chef, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts