Type: Nonfiction
Approximate Age Range: (MG) 8-12 years
Activities: 21
Publisher: Chicago Review Press, © 2016


Gandhi for Kids

His Life and Ideas

The story of Mohandas Gandhi comes to life in this interactive nonfiction book with 21 activities. Gandhi for Kids – His Life and Ideas helps young readers learn about Gandhi’s extraordinary life, and the unique worlds of India, South Africa, and England where he lived. They’ll read about his early life in India and learn more about his travels, work as a lawyer, different ashrams, social reform methods, time in jail, and much more. 

Gandhi worked tirelessly and courageously for Indians’ rights in South Africa and for India’s independence from England. His profound message of nonviolence is very relevant in our complex and changing world today. He always sought to promote important ideals: be kind to others, seek truth, respect differences, practice nonviolence, and know change is possible. He saw goodness in people and accepted many different religions beyond his Hindu faith. 

The book includes many historic images, a time line, informative sidebars, and a helpful resource section. In addition, 21 activities, such as design a vegetarian menu for a day, practice anti-consumerism, and make a meditation mat, are woven into the text to give young readers a chance to learn via vibrant hands-on experiences. 

Q & A

Why did you write about Gandhi?

How did you conduct research for this book?

What surprised you about Gandhi’s life?

Why did Gandhi wear a dhoti?

Why did Gandhi focus on spinning cotton at a spinning wheel?

What is your hope for this book?